Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is a way to protect yourself. Don’t make it anymore complicated than that. When you are close to discovering your spiritual gifts things will get a little tougher in your life. You must be ready to fight by using prayers, vision and autosuggestion.

When you are on the verge of giving up is when you must fight the hardest. If you give up it’s not just about you but it will affect everyone who would have received the benefits of your gifts.

During tough times you must pray, in addition prayer should be done multiple times throughout the day. During your prayer don’t repeat canned phrases you learned in church. Pray from your soul, it could be as simple as “help me be strong”.

Spiritual warfare is the battlefield on your way to becoming your highest self. Nothing is going to let you be your best self without a fight. You will cry, you will get upset but of course you must protect yourself. You are in the chasm fighting to come back up to be the inspiration you were meant to be.

Don’t be afraid to fight, equally if you decide not to fight it doesn’t mean that the enemy will stop fighting you. Choosing to fight even if you don’t win is better than not trying. Training is the best way to learn to fight well; pray even when you aren’t under attack.

Your mind is the strongest weapon that you have in the fight. If your mind is right, you will win eventually. Getting your mind right is the hardest thing to do.