Spiritual Journey

Spiritual journey is your path to reach your purpose. No one else’s path will be identically like yours. You cannot copy someone else’s path to reach your path; generally speaking it doesn’t work. Being like other people will frustrate you; you are unique and not a copy of someone else. Exposing your differences is what will make you valuable in life; in fact don’t set out to conform.

Conformity removes what makes you different from everyone else. The thing that makes you different is what attracts people to you. If you remove that piece of you it’s like removing part of your soul. Do the opposite and strengthen the unique feature. As a matter of fact this uniqueness is what will make you find success. Likewise think of your favorite movie, you like it because it’s different. If it was the same as another movie that you’ve seen you would have not watched it.

Spiritual journey is difficult o experience; couple it with a lot of hard times. Hard times will grow you to be better. These times sharpen the talents that you need to pass your journey. The better your talents become the more efficient you will be. The journey you are reaching out to obtain will feel achievable with sharp talents causing you to have hope.

Don’t be afraid to fail during your journey. It is very uncomfortable because it’s unknown. Continue moving forward even when it’s scary. Passing through scared feelings is your way of acting out faith. The thing that you are afraid of and cannot see holds the reward that is promised to you. Take what is yours in light of what good things are ahead. You have no idea of what big rewards are in front of you. Make a decision to not let fear stop you anymore.

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