Spiritual Gifts Discovered

Spiritual gifts many times are born with you but are dormant until something activates them. Have you experienced a really stressful event? During this time you may decide to rely on your inner spirit for help. Reaching out to your inner spirit feels like your last hope; truthfully it should have been your first hope.

Talking to your inner spirit puts you on a path of your own. It will tell you to do something that you’ve never considered doing. In some cases the direction it tells you may make no sense to you. Whether it makes sense or not you must start doing what it requested. If you don’t do as it requested you’ll stay where you are and in most cases it’s not a good situation.

When you find your spiritual gifts you will know. It will be very easy to use them, it will feel natural. The biggest thing is that you won’t be using it for yourself but to help other people. If you are doing something for yourself it’s not really a gift. Your gift was given to you to assist in improving other people’s lives in some way.

Spiritual Gifts Purpose

Your spiritual gifts will also help you shed light on your purpose. Purpose is the reason that you were put on this earth. Without purpose your life will feel somewhat miserable. You get sad when you feel that you are just existing; that’s why you have the urge to do things for others. When you find purpose the gifts will be elevated or you will activate additional ones.

No one can tell you what your gifts are; you will discover them as you go through life. You grow through experiences, some good and some bad. Whatever the experience is it molds you to become the new you.

Burning Desire of Spiritual Gifts

You will think of your gifts constantly, and if you don’t use them there’s a sense of failing. When you feel like a failure it’s because you know that something is missing. The feeling is there to prompt you to continue to move or act. The worse thing that you can do is to ignore this feeling. It’s like you are running from the truth instead of accepting what you were put here to do. It’s okay to be scared, but that can’t be your reason for not exploring a gift. You may feel a little embarrassed wondering how to explain what you are doing to others.  You have to learn not to worry about what others think. If you are going to reach the true promised land the only way to get there is by using your gifts.

Losing Your Spiritual Gifts

You won’t lose your gifts, you were born with them. They are like anything else, if you don’t use them it’s just a little difficult to be good at them.  If you waste three years of not actively working with them, it will take you some time to sharpen them once again. Don’t stop using your gift even if you don’t understand them. You’ll have to make that ground up again, so it may take you another three years to sharpen the gifts to get back where you stopped.

Spiritual Gifts Help You Become Someone New

As you find your gifts you can no longer be the same person that you once were. You can no longer hold on to the things that were important before the new you.  You will struggle with this a lot because it will affect your family and friends.  The people who are closest to you may become distant.  They will no longer recognize you and expect for you to go back to being the person you once were, they like them better.  It will be a struggle until you accept that it’s okay to be the new you. Don’t get trapped trying to be two different people because it won’t work. If you do get trapped, God will force you to make a decision.

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