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Spiritual blogs like this one help you find your true self. Going through life you will reach a place where you aren’t happy. It’s because you have reached a cross road, and need to understand why God has put you on earth. This is often called a mid-life crisis, but you aren’t crazy or losing your mind.

Life is about finding happiness, and sharing happiness with other people. If your life is all about you, you’ll never be happy. In addition working only for money doesn’t provide happiness.

Money is a tool to exchange service, it’s nothing more than that. It is not evil, even though you hear people reference it that way. You need money to live, God blesses you with it when you respect it. You perish around money because it consumes you; don’t let money consume you.

Spiritual blogs help deal with feelings. Struggle during times of reaching Gods promises builds you up to win. Pain is part of the winning combination which causes the feelings of doubt and fear. Fear keeps you from reaching rewards if you aren’t careful. Stay committed to reaching the promise and you will find yourself in God’s favor.

Spiritual blogs help with fear

Can you get past fear? Are you willing to fight for the favor that is promised?

You are not alone in the fight for survival. Advantage comes in surrounding yourself with positive people. It also helps to find a place where you can read positive information like this blog. The enemy confuses you again and again. You stay confused so there’s no way for you to make progress. No progress causes frustration, not to mention the desire to give up.

Learn by asking for clarity; by the same token be strong. Use what you have and pray for wisdom. Did you know prayer is your main weapon? Complaining does nothing, so why do you waste so much time doing it? You have to pray multiple times per day but don’t complain to God. Thank him for what he has given you. Things may not be exactly the way you see them but be grateful for what is correct. This shows God that you respect and trust what he is doing.

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