Holy Spirit Gifts

Holy spirit unveils to you the things that you are to see or have. Depend on the spirit at all times, consider him as your guide. Do not overrule him unless you are willing to accept the consequences.

In addition he will reveal gifts to you at the right time. You cannot rush him because he will give what you need to complete your situation. If you are struggling and don’t have the skill to solve an issue it may be your relationship with the holy spirit is not strong. Spirit will tell you exactly what to do if you listen. If you tend to ask one person after another how to deal with your personal problem it’s a sign you aren’t depending on the spirit.

No Holy Spirit Voice – Turn Off Chaos

You don’t hear the voice of the spirit? Cut down the chaos or busyness in your life. Busyness or consistent movement from one thing to another stops your connection to the spirit.

You’ve been stuck doing the same thing the last couple of years? Not liking what you are doing but can’t decide what is best? Talk to your spirit now, not to mention be ready to listen.

Getting an unsettled feeling about a current situation? It keeps coming back again and again? Spirit is trying to get your attention. Don’t get confused thinking it’s something else. It’s trying to help you, it wants nothing but the best for you. It’s protecting you from from a person, job or some other situation.

Look back on things in the past that didn’t go right. You can see where you decided not to listen to the holy spirit if you are honest with yourself. Learn from these situations they will guide you to better results in the future. If you would have done one thing in agreement with the spirit it would have changed everything.

Navigation of Life

Navigate life as you know where to go by using your spirit. Moving blindly in life is a dangerous thing. You have an internal compass that will get you to exactly where you want to go. In the first place it’s a sin not to use everything you have been given. In your car you don’t drive aimlessly so why would you do that in life? Move with purpose, don’t do things without having a reason. If you have no purpose or vision you will perish.

You will go through different seasons within life. In it’s simplest form think about elementary, high school and adulthood. During these times you need navigation to be successful. You didn’t pay much attention to your navigation spiritual guidance in elementary and high school. You relied on yourself or flesh to move in the right direction. Flesh can only take you so far, you taper out. It can only reach what it can see; in essence not able to go any further or higher.

Adulthood to Childhood

Depending on your flesh in elementary you decided to not do your home work so you had to stay in from recess. You took someones pencil that wasn’t yours even though you know it’s wrong.

Bad choices relying on flesh in high school leads to bad grades. You should have stayed home to study instead of going to a party. Instead of going to your friend’s house after school you should have gone to sports practice.

As an adult you decide to get married at twenty-one; none the less your parents told you not to. You don’t listen because you are an adult and you know everything. After getting married you have kids, buy a house and two cars. Things seem to be going great but happiness is slowing turning into misery from stress. Your dream job isn’t that dreamy anymore and your kids are worrying you. The spouse you married is starting to irritate you and you wonder what happened.

You are no longer the person that you started out being. Not quite as happy and missing the will to continue on. So what do you do now? You reach out to your spirit to guide you. Admit you made mistakes and are tired of being unhappy.

Holy Spirit Helps You Become Somone New

You are a child of God so any mistakes in your past are forgiven but you need guidance. Forgiving yourself starts the process of becoming different. Spirit starts to work the moment you asked for forgiveness. It doesn’t hold grudges it wants the best for you your entire life.

Be specific talking to your spirit, equally important don’t be bashful. Spirit isn’t relying on what you can see it knows who you can become. It will tell you responses that may not make sense. It doesn’t make sense because your flesh can’t figure it out because it’s unexplainable. This is where your faith comes in, “walk by faith not by sight”. This step is where you will fall short and decide to turn around if you aren’t strong. It’s a lot easier to stay where you are comfortable. Your comfort zone is the place where you currently are because you’ve been there for years. Refuse to stay in this current situation because God has something better for you right now and it’s waiting for you to grab on to it.

Tell the Holy Spirit to give you what God has intended you to have. You will be faithful whether you understand his direction or not. Let him know that you are aware that he knows more than you about what is intended for your life.

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  1. I truly so badly needed too hear this Godsend message..it stirred me up..
    I had goals&dreams for such a longtime and I sincerely mean many years…i wanted and still wanted too open up my own laundromat called Genesis…my beginning…my baby I wanted too pursue…but didn’t know how too get started…i still pray bout it too this day…this made sense…but I still need some inquiries tho…

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