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Three Magic Words - Uells Andersen  


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23/08/2019 5:52 pm  

"It sometimes sounds extremely childish to say to a person who is distraught with problems and griefs that he may overcome them all by simply having faith.  The reason for this is that the person who is in such a position is acutely aware of physical circumstance and has denied the reality of the realm of mind and spirit.  Knowing the physical so well, he has denied his true being and has lost faith." Uells Andersen

I pondered on this paragraph for three days. It made me think about why it's so hard to believe things will get better while in a troubling time.  It's clear from this paragraph that a person loses his/her way or what he/she knows to be true.  Once everything is lost it's hard to come back to a place where a person believes their spirit is strong enough to assist.

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