Causes of Awakening

Causes that lead to a spiritual awakening are a result of pressure in tough times. When you get into a situation where no matter what you consider doing doesn’t work, it will push you to think beyond. You’ve exhausted every effort and you are in so much mental pain that you have no choice but to turn to God.

In a lot of cases the issue that is bringing you back to God is death. You may be watching someone experience it or it is you. Love for another human being is what makes you more like God. During the death of someone you are tapping into the spiritual love you were born with. It’s common to revert back to your best form of yourself during this time. Love makes you open to accept different things because you want to belong to a family.

Another situation that may cause you to be awaken is the failing of a business or losing a job. When you are in threat of losing everything you’ve worked for things tend to get confusing. You want to cry, blame other people but eventually the reality sets in that you were the cause. There were things that you could’ve done to prepare for the situation even if you couldn’t have prevented it. Once you accept that you were at fault you will be open to what life is teaching you.

Tapping Into Spirit

Big problems such as these causes you to tap into a part of you that is normally buried. The pain is usually going on for months before you decide to call upon your spirit. Before you make the decision to fight the situation with your spirit you are most vulnerable. This is when you have so many depressing thoughts going through your head. You feel like you’ve let someone down coupled with not wanting to be part of this world anymore.

Once you make it to the stage of deciding to acknowledge your spirit your eyes will be opened to something new. You no longer will see the world in the same manner that you did before experiencing the problem. Questioning things instead of accepting them for how they are will become normal. You will believe that there’s another way to do things in life besides what you have been taught.

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