Look Past The Chaos

There’s a lot going on that seems to be scaring us all. Remember it’s a temporary situation that will end. We are all very uncomfortable because our world is being turned on its side.

We cannot consume ourselves with the chaos because it’s unhealthy. Watching the news all day long won’t make the situation go away. Worrying every minute about the situation won’t make it any better. It’s okay to talk about it for a little bit with others but at some point in the day let it go.

In times like this there is a lesson for each one of us. We will all come out of this situation with something different. Some of us will want to rethink our relationships, home life or work/life balance. This is usually referenced as “the shift”; something major shakes your soul and causes you to reflect internally.

Finding Yourself

It’s your purpose to figure out who you are in this life. Year to year you should be growing and understanding what you like and don’t like. As you grow there will be signs giving you glimpses of your future self. Each sign you get take note of it but don’t worry if you don’t understand what it means. Little by little the signs will start to form a complete picture

Living Unfulfilled Life

You were created to live a certain type of life. Each day you get a glimpse of what your life is supposed to be. Pay attention to the feeling you get throughout your day. The emotions you feel are doorways to the thing you are supposed to do. You can’t ask anyone what you are supposed to do because they don’t know what you feel. Listen to your inner voice to help guide you towards the steps you need to take.

Faith will help you reach your potential

Your potential is the possibility of what you could become. Deep inside you have a dream of what you think it should be. It’s truly not a dream but a nudge from your spirit to get going. You struggle because you are looking for reassurance from your friends and family. They cannot help you because they can’t see the vision/dream that was given to you by the spirit. Until you decide to take a step towards that potential of what you can become nothing will change for you.

Develop Spiritual Gifts

You have to be strong

To use your gift you have to be strong enough to keep going no matter what. Many people will tell you to stop, it’s because they don’t have the vision that you have. There’s also a chance you may fail the first two or three times when trying to use your gift. You’ll probably be alone crying and asking yourself why it didn’t work. During this time say a prayer to be strong and get back to making your gift produce. You will always have a choice to either continue or stay where you are. To reach the promised land you must continue.

Brittany runs a marathon

I encourage everyone to go see the movie “Brittany runs a marathon”. It’s a good movie to understand how until you change your thinking that your life will stay the same. This movie isn’t just about a you lady running a race. She’s trying to figure out how to get her life together and the race is one of the goals she’s using as a measurement.

Stop blaming other people for things not going right and look deep within yourself. Wake up and decide you are going to be different. You just have to take one small step and that’s enough.

Stuck in one place

When you feel like your life has been the same for the last year or two it’s because you haven’t let your spirit guide you. You are still letting your own flesh control your life. The flesh only can power what it sees directly in front of it. That’s why every day you do the same routine and if you don’t do it you feel something is wrong. When you start to let your spirit take over it tries to guide you to places you’ve never seen or experienced. This will help get you out of your rut and give you renewed feelings and hope.

Fear can paralyze you

Fear is usually the thing that will stop you from doing what you were meant to do. It’s the thing that causes you to make excuses. When time has passed you by and you look back on why you didn’t make a move or a decision it’s usually because you were scared. You have to fight through the fear. Have the faith to see past the things directly in front of you. Be able to see what you have not currently built. Be able to vision the future that you want.

Struggle between spirit and flesh

Your flesh is what you have listened to your whole life. It always feels normal to listen to. When your spirit gets to talking it makes you feel uncomfortable because you are trying to figure it if it’s real or a fictional dream. You have to learn to accept what your spirit is trying to offer you. It is the only thing that can guide you to the outcome you desire.