Don’t you give up ever!

The path is hard, when you are close something will challenge you and make you want to stop. You have to fight on and keep fighting until you think you don’t have anything else to give. If you start to cry, wipe your tears and start fighting some more.

If you give up you will end up in the place where you already are. You know how that feels – you don’t like it. So you keep on fighting, because right now there’s no going back. You want to know what it feels like to achieve your desire.

Determine who you really are

If you are unhappy you have to consider maybe you are doing the wrong things. Are you doing things you want to do or something that someone expects you to do? That will determine your path going forward. It will help you to think about what you really want from life. Until you can determine who you really are and your true interests you’ll always be unhappy.

Receiving only what is meant for you

You can only receive things that were meant for you. You can never take something from another person. An example is if you take money from someone that you weren’t meant to have it from the money escapes you just as fast as you received it. That’s why you can’t focus on the lottery or trying to sue someone for financial gains. This is also where karma comes into play. The world or universe has to balance itself out. So when you take something forcefully from someone it has to do the same to you. This is why I encourage you to do good deeds and give. If you give someone will give something back to you – karma.

Balance and chaos

For you to experience your best self there can’t be chaos. To believe that it is normal to always be in a rush is not healthy. You must tame the chaos and find balance. Balance is a form of peace. You must be willing to accept that you are unable to do everything in your life for others. Usually when chaos is present you are trying to make someone else happy or meet someone else’s expectations.