Feeling Trapped

Now that the quarantine has been going on for a couple of days homes can feel like prisons. When you start to get irritated step back and realize others in your home feel the same. It’s real easy to get snippy with someone for no reason. Take a breath and remind yourself that it’s temporary.

Go outside and pay attention to the simple things like the birds chirping. See the sun and let it shine on your face. Sit in a lawn chair in your drive way and enjoy the moment; don’t think of what lies ahead – only the now.

Kids making too much noise? Don’t get frustrated, be a kid again and make noise with them. Let go and be free in this time of uncertainty.

Monday Mind Strength

You tend to exercise your body but easily forget about your mind. The mind is the strongest muscle that you have. Without your mind you have nothing; and are vulnerable to everything. Your mind is the place where you decide to fight, survive or run from circumstances.

Negativity is a sign that you have a weak mind and it needs to be strengthened. So how do you workout your mind and get it ready to overcome just about anything? You have to learn from people of the past and read about their struggles and how they overcame things.

Anger is another sign of a weak mind, if you are consumed with anger towards other people you have to deal with it. Internally the anger is taking you over and is showing itself on the outside.

Don’t be embarrassed to talk out your problems. Find someone who is willing to listen and not pass judgement. This will provide a safe place for you to release the pint up emotions you are feeling. This blog is one of those places, you don’t even have to use your real name when posting things. Say what you want to say and release it.

Say Something Nice Sunday

Today I woke up kind of with a blah feeling and wondered what I could do to change it. Instantly I thought what if I could send a message to all of my friends and family saying something nice about them. How long would that take me to do? Would it make me feel any better? I don’t know the answer to either of those questions but I’m willing to find out.

Choose Your Own Path

Do you know who you are outside of your job or family? If your family didn’t exist how would you want to be described? If you were let go from your job tomorrow how would you describe yourself? If you cannot answer these two questions I encourage you to ponder them deeper.

Do you feel like there’s something more you should be doing in life? If so, take the time to figure out what it should be. Spend thirty minutes per day experimenting and reading about the thing you are interested in.

Why should you spend time working on the things you are interested in? It could be your legacy or the whole reason of why you were put here on this earth. When you find joy in something, you have to wonder why it creates such joy in you. Someone else could do the same thing and completely hate it.

You will have many long years to live on this earth; can you imagine being miserable for 50 years (half) of your life? Misery comes from not finding your purpose.


No one wants to experience pain in their life. It’s a very uncomfortable time that you want to quickly go away. Pain is the prod that moves you to the next stage of your life. If you are running from the pain, your life is probably stagnant. A stagnant life holds happiness only for a short amount of time.

Pain shows itself in many forms such as death, divorce, job loss, illness, financial, car problems, home loss and etc. During this time the pressure in your life is intense. The pressure makes you evolve to be someone other than who you are. As you evolve you will be wiser, in addition, things will get simpler.

Change Is Scary

Experiencing unexpected change is enough to rock your soul. If you let the fear it produces consume you it will affect your health. It has the ability to keep you stuck, afraid to move.

Faith is the only weapon to combat unwanted change. Understanding you are unable to force things to happen on your own opens your perspective. The path you believe is correct is not always the truth. When you are forced on a path that you no longer control forces you to believe in something higher than yourself.

To come into the person you were meant to be you have to see beyond your current situation. Don’t focus on the problems, they are only distractions. Understand your current situation and feel (not think) how to move forward.

Don’t Give Up

You aren’t the only one who is going through something tough. I know it feels like you are alone but you aren’t. It’s a temporary situation that is guiding you to where you need to be. It could be that you are meant to become a new person to deal with the situation. The only way to become the person is to be introduced to the situation you are in.

Don’t focus on the bad thing that is currently happening. Do what you need to do and cry, scream or yell but continue to see what good things you have going for yourself.

In the bible there are many situations where someone found themselves in tough times. Each time they didn’t rely on themselves or even their friends or family. They called out to God because he was first in their life. He was the only one that could truly pull them out of their situation.

“People who do what is right may have many problems, but the Lord will solve them all”. PSALM 34:19 NCV

You aren’t alone even though it feels like it, in addition it feels like you are walking a path and everyone is judging you. When you feel like everyone is watching you it’s because you have their attention; which is the platform God needs to everyone how he’s helping you. Use your spiritual gifts to show that God has your back.

“Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.” PSALM 31:24 KJV