Thank your Spiritual Gifts

To get the full usage of your gifts be grateful for them. When you are alone or around others don’t hesitate to show your gratitude. This will open the door for your gifts to be improved or for you to activate additional ones. You won’t always be aware of all your gifts at once. Some spiritual gifts only show themselves when needed or when you reach a certain point in your life.

Faith will help you reach your potential

Your potential is the possibility of what you could become. Deep inside you have a dream of what you think it should be. It’s truly not a dream but a nudge from your spirit to get going. You struggle because you are looking for reassurance from your friends and family. They cannot help you because they can’t see the vision/dream that was given to you by the spirit. Until you decide to take a step towards that potential of what you can become nothing will change for you.

You are not a victim

Today, is the day for you to stand up and use everything that you have to grow. You are only a victim because you see yourself that way. Reverse what you think and believe that you will win. Don’t worry about how long it will take you to win just know that you are going to win. You can’t fail if you believe the spiritual gifts you have inside are enough.

Happy Thursday

When you discover your gifts you would think it would get easier. It will actually get a little more difficult. Something will come against you but you have to continue yo push and pray. Refuse to give up because your gift and the desire that is burning within you is all that you need.

In touch with your spirit

To understand your spiritual gifts you must be in contact with your spirit. To fully get clarity of how and when to use your gift comes from the spirit.

It is possible to find your spiritual gift without the spirit but you will have confusion. The spirit gives the guidance to you and points you in the right direction of what to do with it.

You have to be strong

To use your gift you have to be strong enough to keep going no matter what. Many people will tell you to stop, it’s because they don’t have the vision that you have. There’s also a chance you may fail the first two or three times when trying to use your gift. You’ll probably be alone crying and asking yourself why it didn’t work. During this time say a prayer to be strong and get back to making your gift produce. You will always have a choice to either continue or stay where you are. To reach the promised land you must continue.

Gifts since childhood

I’m sure if you look back you’ll be able to recognize a gift you had since you were a child. It’s something that you loved to do but stopped because you had to make a living. It didn’t fit in with what you thought it meant to be an adult. You may need to revisit that gift again and grow it. Once you grow a gift it can be more powerful than you could imagine.

What are spiritual gifts?

Spiritual gifts are things that you were born with that you do rather easily. In your life you are meant to use these gifts to make a living. It may take you half of your life to recognize these gifts. Sometimes it is a life situation that draws your attention to the gift. One way to start recognizing gifts is how your soul feels when you are doing certain things. If you feel a sense of deep joy while doing something it may be a sign it’s a gift.