Situations Aren’t Accidents

Situations are in your life to teach you, to get you to learn a lesson. You must be open to what life is trying to teach you so you can move forward. If you don’t accept what life is showing you it will keep bringing the situation back to you.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a situation is an accident or coincident. In addition, accept the situation right then as a learning moment. Furthermore, know that whatever is happening to you it’s there to help you. It may not feel like help right now, but you’ll look back at some point and see how the situation pushed you to be better.

Bad Situations can easily take your happiness if you let them. Don’t get bogged down and let complaining about situations take over your life. Complaining builds negative momentum; as well as steers your life to attract more trouble. Have you ever noticed when you are complaining it’s like one thing bad after another keeps happening?

Pray to receive wisdom to understand what you need to do. Practice prayer daily until you clearly understand how to find relief. If things start to get worse stay steady and don’t lose faith. Continue praying about the situation and believing that you will get the answer in due time. You don’t want to stop if you do you’ll have to start over from the beginning which will take you twice as much time to find relief.

You aren’t supposed to know all of the answers

You’ve been taught to always have the answers to problems. You struggle or feel inadequate when you don’t know the answer. Remember, you aren’t supposed to have all of the answers; that’s why faith exists.

Rely on faith when you are unclear on what to do. Don’t force a solution because it will turn out negatively. Forcing things is what creates some of the stress in your day. You are dealing with something that was never meant to be. Sometimes the stress is self inflicted and other times it’s created by others such as your children or relatives.

When you don’t use faith you are telling the universe that you don’t need help and you’ll take care of it yourself. When you rely on faith mixed with prayer you are reaching out for help like a beacon.

When things start to get tough

Tough times are a sign that you are starting to get closer to reaching your goal. The tougher it gets, the stronger you must become to push through. This is when you will want to give up and feel alone. It’s the time to rely on your prayer to reach further into the depths of your soul for answers.

You know what life is like when you don’t pray so what do you have to lose to pray multiple times in a day? Pray like you’ve never prayed before and you will get a message of what to do next.

In your prayer make sure to ask for something specific. Don’t be vague, don’t be shy because your life depends on it.

You have to be strong

To use your gift you have to be strong enough to keep going no matter what. Many people will tell you to stop, it’s because they don’t have the vision that you have. There’s also a chance you may fail the first two or three times when trying to use your gift. You’ll probably be alone crying and asking yourself why it didn’t work. During this time say a prayer to be strong and get back to making your gift produce. You will always have a choice to either continue or stay where you are. To reach the promised land you must continue.

The fight begins every morning

You need to be aware that for you to be happy you have to wake up fighting. I’m not just talking physically but more mentally. Your mind is the strongest weapon you have. If you don’t strengthen your mind you are vulnerable. If you get depressed easily it’s because you haven’t prepared your mind. It’s important daily to say what you are thankful for and follow it up with your prayers.

Change has to come from within yourself

Still experiencing the the same tough situation? You have to figure out what you continue to do that leads up to the situation. Once you can identity what you are doing stop doing it. Pray for the strength to stop doing it. If you can change one thing only it’s enough to change your life.


If you are consistently dealing with anxiety it’s because you are in constant fear. Fear is the opposite of faith. You have to start building up your faith now. Start with something very small. Turn it over to the universe that it will be taken care of. Once you turn it over don’t think about it anymore. If you get afraid say a prayer about it again and leave it alone.

Are you doing a task or taking a step in faith?

Tasks are things you are doing with no purpose. Something that keeps you busy but doesn’t truly get you anywhere in the long run. Stepping in faith moves you into a direction with purpose even though you may not understand why. So if you feel like you are moving in a direction towards something you were meant to accomplish you are walking in faith. The only thing that can slow you down is fear. When you start to feel fear it’s time for you to start praying. Prayer is the only thing that can save you from the fear that is trying to consume you.

In the middle of chaos pray for your answer.

When you are in the middle of your stressful situation is when you pray for an answer. You must calm your mind and let go of all the negative thoughts that spring up. Create a moment that you believe you will get the answer. Ask for clarity and for the issue to be solved. At that moment release it, you will know if it’s truly released because you won’t be stressing.