If you are consistently dealing with anxiety it’s because you are in constant fear. Fear is the opposite of faith. You have to start building up your faith now. Start with something very small. Turn it over to the universe that it will be taken care of. Once you turn it over don’t think about it anymore. If you get afraid say a prayer about it again and leave it alone.

Are you doing a task or taking a step in faith?

Tasks are things you are doing with no purpose. Something that keeps you busy but doesn’t truly get you anywhere in the long run. Stepping in faith moves you into a direction with purpose even though you may not understand why. So if you feel like you are moving in a direction towards something you were meant to accomplish you are walking in faith. The only thing that can slow you down is fear. When you start to feel fear it’s time for you to start praying. Prayer is the only thing that can save you from the fear that is trying to consume you.

In the middle of chaos pray for your answer.

When you are in the middle of your stressful situation is when you pray for an answer. You must calm your mind and let go of all the negative thoughts that spring up. Create a moment that you believe you will get the answer. Ask for clarity and for the issue to be solved. At that moment release it, you will know if it’s truly released because you won’t be stressing.

Places to practice hearing from your spirit

To get good at communicating with your spirit you must practice. The key is to have peace and quiet as much as possible. This is what keeps many people from ever hearing from their spirit. No matter what is going on in your life please make time to be alone, at least for 10 minutes. Places that you can quickly get some time are in your car at lunch, after dropping off the kids at school, or even a bathroom stall. Don’t make excuses for not having a quiet moment. If you want to change your life this is a must have every day, as your practice gets better increase your time and do it multiple times in a day.

Faith over personal life control

You are trying to control every piece of your life, which is a mistake. You try to control your career, kids, husband or wife. This is what makes you tired and unhappy. It’s not your place to control any of those things. You are meant to pray about those things and teach in the correct way. If one of those items aren’t going the way you hoped it’s your job to put a blessing on it. You continue to bless the situation and vision it in the way you believe it should be. From there you let the universe do its thing to position things to assist in the change.

Answers come from within

You cannot ask another person what you should do in certain situations. They will give you an answer based on their needs or the direction their life is going. Whenever you need guidance you should ask your spirit. Right before falling asleep silently repeat to yourself something like, “please show me the way to take”. Do this for a couple of days until you get a response.