Stagnant Growth

What keeps you stagnant is your unwillingness to be open to new ideas. It can also be your fear. To be able to move forward you must be able to see potential or new possibilities. You continue to stay in one spot when you are unwilling to try a different path. One small change is enough to produce a different outcome. Something as small as driving a different way to work, brush your teeth a different way, or stop at a different gas station is enough to change your course of life.

Talents are special to you

Not everyone has the same talents. Don’t make it hard on yourself to accept that you can do something that no one else can. The thing that you always dream about or do when no one else is around was meant for you.

You may have only one specific talent or you could have multiple. Regardless it’s up to you to figure out what to do with those talents. It may take you weeks or months to develop them. While you are in the development process it may feel like only a hobby. As you continue to grow and your talent improves it may turn into something more such as a business.

You cannot rush developing your talent. If you do, it will not work out with the desired income that you are looking for. How will you know when it’s time to use your talent? One day you will have a feeling that it’s time; the feeling will be a strong urge to complete a task. It can also come in the form of a person coming to you for assistance without them even knowing you have that ability

Just remember it could be in a matter of weeks or it could take years.

Worry cannot exist with true faith

Do you ever say that you have faith about something and instantly start worrying about it? If the answer is yes, you truly don’t have faith. When your faith is strong once you commit the item to being resolved you will not worry about it.

If the item worries you, you must continually tell yourself it will be resolved. Find a place in your soul and repeatedly tell yourself it will get fixed. Once you find some peace with the item, you will receive an answer of how to fix it.

The answer may not instantly come to you. It could be weeks or a matter of months. It could come in the form of a thought in your mind or an actual person shows up to help you. The hardest part is recognizing the answer when it shows itself.

Faith is the most important tool of life

Out of all the books that I’ve read they all comes down to one thing – Faith. In the book “Three Magic Words” it directly calls out Faith as the single most important thing of a person’s life.

It’s amazing to think that every author says you must have faith but many people don’t know how to activate it. Do you know how to activate your faith?