In the middle of chaos pray for your answer.

When you are in the middle of your stressful situation is when you pray for an answer. You must calm your mind and let go of all the negative thoughts that spring up. Create a moment that you believe you will get the answer. Ask for clarity and for the issue to be solved. At that moment release it, you will know if it’s truly released because you won’t be stressing.

Faith releases worries

When you get in touch with your true spirit your faith increases. As the faith gets stronger your worries decrease. You will start to understand the thing you are worrying about rarely ever happens. Faith turns the worry completely around where you will start to believe there is nothing to worry about because regardless of the situation it is going to work out in your favor.

Stuck in one place

When you feel like your life has been the same for the last year or two it’s because you haven’t let your spirit guide you. You are still letting your own flesh control your life. The flesh only can power what it sees directly in front of it. That’s why every day you do the same routine and if you don’t do it you feel something is wrong. When you start to let your spirit take over it tries to guide you to places you’ve never seen or experienced. This will help get you out of your rut and give you renewed feelings and hope.

Sleep on big decisions

When your emotions are running high and you have to make a decision don’t be afraid to put it off until the next day. When you sleep on a decision and ask for guidance before going to sleep you will wake up with some clarity. You may or may not have a complete answer but you will get some guidance.

Faith over personal life control

You are trying to control every piece of your life, which is a mistake. You try to control your career, kids, husband or wife. This is what makes you tired and unhappy. It’s not your place to control any of those things. You are meant to pray about those things and teach in the correct way. If one of those items aren’t going the way you hoped it’s your job to put a blessing on it. You continue to bless the situation and vision it in the way you believe it should be. From there you let the universe do its thing to position things to assist in the change.

Fear can paralyze you

Fear is usually the thing that will stop you from doing what you were meant to do. It’s the thing that causes you to make excuses. When time has passed you by and you look back on why you didn’t make a move or a decision it’s usually because you were scared. You have to fight through the fear. Have the faith to see past the things directly in front of you. Be able to see what you have not currently built. Be able to vision the future that you want.

Struggle between spirit and flesh

Your flesh is what you have listened to your whole life. It always feels normal to listen to. When your spirit gets to talking it makes you feel uncomfortable because you are trying to figure it if it’s real or a fictional dream. You have to learn to accept what your spirit is trying to offer you. It is the only thing that can guide you to the outcome you desire.

Building the unseen

You will have difficulty building something that you can’t see if you lack faith. Faith is the foundation to produce the thing in reality. Whether it’s a new job, home, or business faith must guide you. Walking around asking others for their opinions won’t help because they can’t see what you see. Asking others is the easiest way to get confused and discouraged.