Love One Another During Fear

The fear you feel in your heart is the same fear your neighbor feels. The restless nights of finding it hard to sleep is the same. Each person has their own fears regardless of how you see them on the outside. Inside all people are hurting, some just do a better job of hiding it.

Love your neighbor, family and friends and offer them support whenever you can. Lend your ear and just listen to them; it may be enough to keep them from having a complete break down from stress. Put your own problems to the side for a little while just to help someone else.

Spread as many lovable messages today as you possibly can. You need to help combat the bad messaging with positive messaging. Love generates hope, which also builds faith. Remember, a person with no hope or faith will perish. You have the power alone within yourself to help give someone the hope that they can get through this.

Living Unfulfilled Life

You were created to live a certain type of life. Each day you get a glimpse of what your life is supposed to be. Pay attention to the feeling you get throughout your day. The emotions you feel are doorways to the thing you are supposed to do. You can’t ask anyone what you are supposed to do because they don’t know what you feel. Listen to your inner voice to help guide you towards the steps you need to take.

Change Is Scary

Experiencing unexpected change is enough to rock your soul. If you let the fear it produces consume you it will affect your health. It has the ability to keep you stuck, afraid to move.

Faith is the only weapon to combat unwanted change. Understanding you are unable to force things to happen on your own opens your perspective. The path you believe is correct is not always the truth. When you are forced on a path that you no longer control forces you to believe in something higher than yourself.

To come into the person you were meant to be you have to see beyond your current situation. Don’t focus on the problems, they are only distractions. Understand your current situation and feel (not think) how to move forward.

Situations Aren’t Accidents

Situations are in your life to teach you, to get you to learn a lesson. You must be open to what life is trying to teach you so you can move forward. If you don’t accept what life is showing you it will keep bringing the situation back to you.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a situation is an accident or coincident. In addition, accept the situation right then as a learning moment. Furthermore, know that whatever is happening to you it’s there to help you. It may not feel like help right now, but you’ll look back at some point and see how the situation pushed you to be better.

Bad Situations can easily take your happiness if you let them. Don’t get bogged down and let complaining about situations take over your life. Complaining builds negative momentum; as well as steers your life to attract more trouble. Have you ever noticed when you are complaining it’s like one thing bad after another keeps happening?

Pray to receive wisdom to understand what you need to do. Practice prayer daily until you clearly understand how to find relief. If things start to get worse stay steady and don’t lose faith. Continue praying about the situation and believing that you will get the answer in due time. You don’t want to stop if you do you’ll have to start over from the beginning which will take you twice as much time to find relief.

You aren’t supposed to know all of the answers

You’ve been taught to always have the answers to problems. You struggle or feel inadequate when you don’t know the answer. Remember, you aren’t supposed to have all of the answers; that’s why faith exists.

Rely on faith when you are unclear on what to do. Don’t force a solution because it will turn out negatively. Forcing things is what creates some of the stress in your day. You are dealing with something that was never meant to be. Sometimes the stress is self inflicted and other times it’s created by others such as your children or relatives.

When you don’t use faith you are telling the universe that you don’t need help and you’ll take care of it yourself. When you rely on faith mixed with prayer you are reaching out for help like a beacon.

Faith will help you reach your potential

Your potential is the possibility of what you could become. Deep inside you have a dream of what you think it should be. It’s truly not a dream but a nudge from your spirit to get going. You struggle because you are looking for reassurance from your friends and family. They cannot help you because they can’t see the vision/dream that was given to you by the spirit. Until you decide to take a step towards that potential of what you can become nothing will change for you.

Develop Spiritual Gifts

Faith is a hard thing to capture

Every Sunday you can go to church and be happy. While sitting there you have all the faith in the world. When you leave church your faith is no where to be found. Why can’t you have faith when things start to get tough? Isn’t that the whole point of having faith? We’ve been taught in school and business life if something isn’t happening to go make it happen. That’s why we have trouble with relying on faith. We’ve gotten mixed messages from different places. When you try to rely on faith in the business world you get scared because if it doesn’t work out you might get fired. This is why it’s so important to practice faith on small things consistently building up to larger things. When you do this you’ll be able to see real faith versus you walking around playing like you have faith.

Reassurance in tough times

When you are going through a difficult time and nothing seems to be working you can ask for reassurance in your prayer. Don’t have a set idea of how the reassurance should come to you. Keep an open mind that way you don’t miss the sign when it shows itself.

Always ask for reassurance to keep yourself from trying to make something happen that wasn’t meant to happen.