Feeling Trapped

Now that the quarantine has been going on for a couple of days homes can feel like prisons. When you start to get irritated step back and realize others in your home feel the same. It’s real easy to get snippy with someone for no reason. Take a breath and remind yourself that it’s temporary.

Go outside and pay attention to the simple things like the birds chirping. See the sun and let it shine on your face. Sit in a lawn chair in your drive way and enjoy the moment; don’t think of what lies ahead – only the now.

Kids making too much noise? Don’t get frustrated, be a kid again and make noise with them. Let go and be free in this time of uncertainty.

Dealing With Anger During Corona

This a confusing time but don’t take your anger out on others. There are people who work in stores, workout facilities and other customer service roles dealing with the same issues as you. The only difference is that they don’t have the option to work from home.

Anger comes from a place of fear, and not knowing how to deal with a situation. In this time lean heavily on the serenity prayer.

” God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. “

What did you find at lunch to be thankful for?

You can look for little things to be thankful for. These small things can change anger to happiness. Since its lunch you can be thankful for the people who are serving you at the restaurant. Thankful that it’s not cold outside. Thankful the sun is shining. Thankful the air condition in your car is working. Thankful that you can afford to have something to eat.

Anger is a parking break

Anger will keep you stuck. When you are angry with something that’s the only thing you can think about. If that’s all you think about you are waiting valuable time.the anger causes you an imbalance in your life making you focus on other things that seem to annoy you. After a while your whole life feels like it’s falling apart. You have to decide today is the day to stop focusing your anger at things and to see joy in those same things.

Frequency work

You hear a lot of talk about being on the right frequency to attract things similar to your frequency. If you feel you are a negative person this is one of the main things you have to work on. You have to change your frequency to positive. Do this every day by thinking of small things you are grateful for. Don’t stop doing this, even when you start to feel positive. Once you experience this new feeling you’ll have a better understanding of why it is so important.

Shed anger to find happiness

Being angry is one of the worst things you can do when trying to improve your life situation. Anger brings more anger or attracts negative people to you who have the same type of feelings. Have you ever noticed people who hang together and they seem to act exactly alike? For you to find the success you are looking for you must shed all the anger you have towards people and things such as jobs. Not until then will you find positive things finding you.