Happiness Money Misconception

People think just because you have money that you don’t have problems or you are happy. That’s not true, money can create larger problems if it’s mismanaged. When you have a lot of money you tend to purchase things that are more expensive. The more expensive an item is the more money that it takes to maintain it.

Remember the saying that “Money is the root of all evil”? This can start by a person willing to do anything to get money without thinking of the consequences. Some people will do something illegal but in other cases it could be someone working a lot of over-time neglecting their family. If you let money consume you eventually your personal life will suffer.

You have to find balance, it’s okay to accumulate money but DON’T sell your soul to get it. Be patient when you are trying to accumulate money. Money can easily come to you but it can also easily leave you. That’s why it’s really important to invest money in small increments. DO NOT make huge purchases of investments, or anything all at once. Only invest your money in amounts where you are comfortable losing it if something bad happens. If you are not comfortable with losing the amount that means you are risking too much.

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