Monday Mind Strength

You tend to exercise your body but easily forget about your mind. The mind is the strongest muscle that you have. Without your mind you have nothing; and are vulnerable to everything. Your mind is the place where you decide to fight, survive or run from circumstances.

Negativity is a sign that you have a weak mind and it needs to be strengthened. So how do you workout your mind and get it ready to overcome just about anything? You have to learn from people of the past and read about their struggles and how they overcame things.

Anger is another sign of a weak mind, if you are consumed with anger towards other people you have to deal with it. Internally the anger is taking you over and is showing itself on the outside.

Don’t be embarrassed to talk out your problems. Find someone who is willing to listen and not pass judgement. This will provide a safe place for you to release the pint up emotions you are feeling. This blog is one of those places, you don’t even have to use your real name when posting things. Say what you want to say and release it.

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