In Scary Times Like This

The first thing to do in times like this is to say a prayer for those who are experiencing this situation first hand. Yes, you are in the situation but you most likely don’t have the Coronavirus. There’s someone out there who needs your power of prayer to help them overcome the illness they are dealing with.

In times like this we tend to only focus on ourselves but we need to come together and show humanity. This is not a time to be selfish and only think about your late bill, loss of a job or whatever else you may be experiencing. Stop buying up all of the groceries and trying to jack the price up to make money online. You are better than that, and the world deserves better than that.

There’s a situation going on that is bigger than you and it’s now that you need to call on God. You have the authority in this world to call on anything that you desire. Today I want you to call on the will of God in Jesus’ name to help us defeat this virus quickly and to save those who are fighting for their lives.

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