Give Thanks During Tragedy

During this time think of the things that you are grateful for. No matter how small they are always give thanks. Continue to give thanks daily to allow your creator to be appreciative.

If you are one of the people able to still go to your job you should be giving thanks. There are many people unable to receive a paycheck right now. Are you healthy? If so, give thanks that you don’t have the virus. As you give thanks turn around and say a prayer for someone less fortunate.

Today, I want you to start sharing love for this wonderful life you have. Before bed I want you to say out loud five things you are grateful for. It can be as simple as having gas in your car to as big as not being homeless. Let’s do this every day for the rest of the week.

I want you to go and put what you are thankful for on the comments of this post. Your comment will help someone else be positive in this time. Remember you aren’t the only one dealing with this. God is trying to get your attention, he may want you to change something in your life.

8 thoughts on “Give Thanks During Tragedy”

    1. Mealia – Family and friends mean a lot to us all. They give us support when aren’t strong enough to provide it to ourselves. Thank you for your post.

  1. 1. Thankful my wife and read scriptures together at night before bed.
    2. Thankful my wife and I go to bed together every night. (We used to not do this)
    3. Thankful for the day I spent with one of my friends.
    4. Thankful for the sun that showed itself today.
    5. Thankful for someone to love.

  2. Thankful God says in His word, “I have not given you a spirit of fear but of a sound mind.”

    Awesome to see and hear the Lord being praised in so many ways. Keep it up my man!

    1. R. Dickerson – Thank you for posting the comment that you did. I actually just had this conversation with a friend yesterday. We were talking about how we accept being normal but it was never intended by Gods perspective for people to accept fear. During these times we must encourage each other to stay calm.

  3. Jhasmal I am thankful that you posted because just a couple of days ago I wondered how you have been!
    Tell your families that I said hello.
    I love y’all!

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