Don’t Be Negative In Tough Times

Don’t be negative, I know it’s hard. The more negative you are the more things will feel they are in peril. You will draw more feelings to yourself that will make life seem unbearable.

Life isn’t meant to feel totally out of control. Take a deep breath and realize worry isn’t natural. Consistent worry will only make you sick internally. The thing you are worrying about, can you change it? Most likely you can’t change 90% of the things you are worrying or complaining about.

When worry creeps into your life I want you to ask God for wisdom. Ask him to show you what to do next and wait for the answer. If you don’t hear anything in a week, ask him again. Keep asking until he shows you the answer because he will. You have to be prepared to recognize the answer when you see it though. It can come in the form of a billboard message or as blunt as a person telling you something randomly.

God showed me a message the other day so clear that it scared me. I was thinking about an issue and while reading a book the word “Serenity” jumped out at me. At that time I was sitting in my car at the park and I looked up to ponder on the word and then a car drove by with the word “Serenity” on the side. I looked the definition up on my phone and it means, “The state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled”.

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