Choose Your Own Path

Do you know who you are outside of your job or family? If your family didn’t exist how would you want to be described? If you were let go from your job tomorrow how would you describe yourself? If you cannot answer these two questions I encourage you to ponder them deeper.

Do you feel like there’s something more you should be doing in life? If so, take the time to figure out what it should be. Spend thirty minutes per day experimenting and reading about the thing you are interested in.

Why should you spend time working on the things you are interested in? It could be your legacy or the whole reason of why you were put here on this earth. When you find joy in something, you have to wonder why it creates such joy in you. Someone else could do the same thing and completely hate it.

You will have many long years to live on this earth; can you imagine being miserable for 50 years (half) of your life? Misery comes from not finding your purpose.

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