Racing Against Yourself

Racing other people in life does you no good. The race is against yourself; it’s not about anyone else. In addition it’s really not a race it’s more of figuring out the direction you are to go. Be steady and consistent in your pace to make sure you finish.

You try to control everything but none the less it doesn’t go your way. Fear will set in at this point, but tell yourself it’s temporary. Stay positive, continue to move forward because right over the hill of fear is a reward.

What do you believe? Do you believe it’s a race?

The older you become the wiser you will be. You learn that there’s no way to race to a place you can’t see. Life has many surprises for you as a matter of fact you can’t plan for it. People get sick, friends and family die, jobs get lost and it switches the trajectory of life.

Racing is an illusion because under popular belief people think certain things should be done at certain ages. During your life you will sometimes move fast and other times be in a holding pattern. The world around you plays a big role in the speed you can move. Sometimes you will be waiting for the circumstances around you to shift. Once the shift happens it will either open up opportunities or close them depending on your path.

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