You aren’t supposed to know all of the answers

You’ve been taught to always have the answers to problems. You struggle or feel inadequate when you don’t know the answer. Remember, you aren’t supposed to have all of the answers; that’s why faith exists.

Rely on faith when you are unclear on what to do. Don’t force a solution because it will turn out negatively. Forcing things is what creates some of the stress in your day. You are dealing with something that was never meant to be. Sometimes the stress is self inflicted and other times it’s created by others such as your children or relatives.

When you don’t use faith you are telling the universe that you don’t need help and you’ll take care of it yourself. When you rely on faith mixed with prayer you are reaching out for help like a beacon.

4 thoughts on “You aren’t supposed to know all of the answers”

  1. Hello, I’m searching for answers concerning the end result of all the things that never stop happening to me. I’ve read several things you wrote about and you may have answers for me.
    First …things do not happen to me by chance or coincidence whether they are good or bad and strangely bad things are actually a very good thing. It’s those that are my biggest surprise, when God first showed me how that worked i really couldn’t believe it but it works …every time.
    I go through many days with God guiding me from one thing to another and with signs of God every step of the way.
    It’s actually physically and emotionally draining when I encounter another person with a strong spirit, they many times just just begin to cry. Sometimes with no words being spoken. It’s an awkward moment but I know it’s our spirits conversing and delighting to meet another strong spirit. I normally will pray with them and for them. In some cases they felt somewhat convicted it seems yet no words came out of my mouth and they sometimes just begin telling me stuff.
    I have endless stories to explain how these things actually happened, I don’t mind sharing them if you think you could explain this all.
    My question to you or anyone is what could this be leading to ? I’m surely not afraid of my future for I have been, am now and feel very assured I will be taken good care of.
    Awaiting a reply, God Bless. Bob

    1. Hi Robert, people are drawn to you because it’s part of your gift. Your gift probably is that you are truly a good listener and you provide comfort to others. I would imagine the people who are coming to you asked God for help. In your case, I imagine you don’t even see yourself as the help or relief these individuals are looking for.

      The reason that you experience the hard times is that God is looking to see if you will obey where he is directing you. When you obey him, it reassures him that you are the leader that he is looking for. He will continue to send individuals to you because you are walking in his likeness. You are gaining the knowledge to be a teacher and communicating with those people in a way they can understand and grow.

      1. Thank you for your insights. I am beginning to understand how I got here but it seems I can only step out into faith to keep my Spirit strong. I have been involved in prayer that has lead to many miracles, healings etc. Many prayers get answered and the ones that haven’t I believe just haven’t come around yet. I pray in my voice and in tongues, it seems praying in tongues works better for when I don’t know or understand how or what to pray I let my Spirit pray in tongues for my Spirit knows what to pray for. That feels best even though I’m unsure sometimes exactly what I’m praying for.
        What never ends to surprise me and is somewhat confusing is how I can be in Spirit and meet others in public and our spirits just connect, I can understand this when it’s my friends from Church or if I’m in one of my ministries but outside of Church I’m not always sure how to proceed when it’s so much of a surprise to walk up to another or just to be near another and tears begin. Tears from them and I …there is a complete spiritual world that we can walk in…if we so choose. I pray I can help theses others with what they need but sometimes I believe that them just knowing or finding out about this spirituality existing is in itself a great help to them….I think.
        I don’t want to scare anyone and I imagine I should be praying for them in tongues for I unaware usually what they need. I do get likely insights but praying in tongues is something I’ve completely avoided outside of Church.
        I do feel I have a goal of sorts…a message for everyone…a true divine message that the world needs to be aware. I have not actually put it into words yet but my spirit is figuring this out and it will get to pen once I come to a full understanding of it.
        I will with divine drive get this message to the entire world.
        Any insights or comments you can share are much appreciated.
        God Bless, Bob

  2. I should explain myself a little better. I am forced to use faith, I’ve had days that were planned I thought with much prayer and attention and then something major will go wrong requiring me to step into the situation by faith alone…that also works for me. It hard to believe all the details God goes through to make those things happen one after another all day long.
    I agree faith and prayer are very importance but when you fast on top of that it’s even a greater stronger spirit you receive. I’ve fasted almost every single thing in my life in the past year, and I still am. But I do have another thing I think is the most important thing….get closer to God, assure Him you love Him above all else. Develop a real true unconditional love for our Father.

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