No approval needed

Approval dependent upon what others think will lead to your unhappiness. It will put you on a road that leads into a direction that you don’t want to go; away from your dreams. You are giving your power away to someone else; which you should never do.

The only approval that you need is between you and God. He’s given you a talent and vision, it doesn’t matter if anyone else understands it. The uncomfortable feeling that you get when others don’t understand will test you. In addition there will be times that people close to you will distance themselves. Don’t get frustrated or angry thinking negative thoughts towards these individuals.

People will try their best to protect you from something they don’t understand. They want to make logical sense out of things and if they can’t they assume it is wrong. You may have a vision that doesn’t fit into logic because it has not come into existence. It’s your job to bring the vision into its place of existence.

Regardless of what happens you must push to reach the vision you were given. When you feel that you are struggling or unclear of what to do next is when you should pray. Be clear on what you are needing during the prayer as well as making sure you are open to receive the answer.

In conclusion, you and your spirit are one, whenever you are seeking someone else’s approval you have lost your dependency on the spirit. Without the spirit you cannot reach the promised land or vision. If you reach this place, re-adjust your thoughts quickly. Get your thoughts into a place where they are positive towards the things that you are trying bring into existence.

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