Spiritual Gift Test

You will be tested now that you are aware that spiritual gifts exist. You cannot run, it will come knocking on your door again. Your gifts are a calling from the universe for you to stand up and assist in the world. Someone needs your gift and they can’t get it until you start to create with what you have.

You are reading this blog post because the universe tapped me to start using my spiritual gift to become a spiritual life coach. I didn’t set out to be a coach, I tried to ignore the calling but it wouldn’t go away. One night a thought came to me that someone needed me in this world. I asked the spirit to show me the way and it laid out only one step. It wouldn’t give me any more steps until I actually did something with the first step.

I made all kinds of excuses because my life was busy and I was successful in the eyes of the world. I wanted to do what I wanted to do and coaching wasn’t part of it.

I had experienced a lot of difficulty in my life with my first wife. I went through many years of watching her battle with Lupus. When she died I thought my life was over, what made me continue to fight was my daughter. I was mentally exhausted… I just wanted to have fun and forget about the bad times. The longer I ran the harder my life got forcing me to come back to face my calling.

There were multiple signs of people coming to me telling me their life problems. I thought it was because I was a good listener and finally someone told me that I offer a different perspective. That’s when the inner voice came to me again, “do what I told you to do”.

You have to take the first step, even if you are scared or tired – that’s the test.

The more you run, the more the universe pushes you. Things will start to go wrong in your life and it’s there to get you to do something. It’s going to be very uncomfortable but you have to do it. Stop asking people around you what they think you should do. You already know what to do, that’s why the knowledge of spiritual gifts found you. Today you must decide to do something with the gift. Even if you suck at trying to use it the first time – keep trying until you get better. When you think that you suck, you will be good enough to make a change in someone else’s life.

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3 thoughts on “Spiritual Gift Test”

  1. I am lost. I believe in God and I have faith but I am lost. I reead the word of God daily, minimal two hours daily. I am unsure the holy Spirit speaks to me. I feel lost.

    1. Hello Tammy, when you feel unsure is when the spirit is communicating with you in some way. If you don’t hear the voice yet don’t worry. Right now the spirit is guiding you because you made it to this forum and we are having a conversation. Think about it like this, as of an hour ago we have never met so what would be the chances of us having a random conversation? There is something the spirit wants you to get from reading this site.

  2. Yes ,I have a question or comment someone mite be able to answer .it started two years ago Thought heard girls yelling for help so been trying to figure it out and still till this day I hear it .And then started to notice things or shapes in the sky ,as it continued I am now seeing snakes and writing in the trees and faces that all change all the time also see numbers everywhere but I started to pray and meditate and started to realize I have sum kind of energy in my hands .i also see snakes spiritual ones that I think I can manifest with my hands but they do not hurt me they just are everywhere I feel the weight of them on me I see them on my bed on my skin writing on my skin I just wanted to no if have any insight on what I should do .i can go on and on .

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