Spiritual Coach tips

A spiritual coach can help you with life when it feels difficult. When you feel like you can’t continue on going down the same path is when a spiritual coach is most valuable.

This type of coach will help you find your purpose or vision. You are going through the motions but living a life that’s not yours.  Do you find yourself doing all kinds of things that everyone else wants you to do?  If you answer yes, it’s a strong indication that you are on a random path in life.

You are put here to learn; it’s up to you to decide when to start. You can only make it so far in life on your own while ignoring the laws of life.  It wasn’t an accident you made it to this site, you were meant to be here. This site was attracted to you because of your current circumstances and desires.

Learn to be thankful

Dealing with unhappiness

Use your talents to survive but find your gifts to reach your purpose.

The forum is a place that I set up to discuss some of the books that I believe you should consider reading. Most of these books are spiritual or self-help.

The blog posts are quick reads to help get you to start thinking differently about faith, anger, vision, and autosuggestion.

If you are going to experience a change, you must be introduced to new concepts; that’s where this spiritual coach forum comes into play.  You need to see the world from a different perspective. Your current thoughts and how you react to things is what keeps you where you are.