Spiritual Coach tips

A spiritual coach can help you with life when it feels difficult. When you feel like you can’t continue on going down the same path is when a spiritual coach is most valuable.

This type of coach will help you find your purpose or vision. You are going through the motions but living a life that’s not yours.  Do you find yourself doing all kinds of things that everyone else wants you to do?  If you answer yes, it’s a strong indication that you are on a random path in life.

You are put here to learn; it’s up to you to decide when to start. You can only make it so far in life on your own while ignoring the laws of life.  It wasn’t an accident you made it to this site, you were meant to be here. This site was attracted to you because of your current circumstances and desires.

Learn to be thankful

Dealing with unhappiness

Use your talents to survive but find your gifts to reach your purpose.

The forum is a place that I set up to discuss some of the books that I believe you should consider reading. Most of these books are spiritual or self-help.

The blog posts are quick reads to help get you to start thinking differently about faith, anger, vision, and autosuggestion.

Spiritual Coach Teaching

If you are going to experience a change, you must be introduced to new concepts; that’s where this spiritual coach forum comes into play.  You need to see the world from a different perspective. Your current thoughts and how you react to things is what keeps you where you are.

Your spiritual coach helps you understand where to find the answers you are looking for. There are many books where other experts have helped to dive deeper into a specific topic. Learn how to use their research to improve your life. These experts exist because God gave them the talent to teach you. Did you know, according to Paul there are 7 Spiritual Gifts?

  1. Prophecy
  2. Ministering
  3. Teaching
  4. Exhortation
  5. Giving
  6. Leading
  7. Mercy

Did you know that you should be working with God in partnership? God is trying to work through you, instead of you acting like you are controlling your own life likewise him. In fact, when things start to get tough you come back to God. This is how he keeps you aware that he is in control in addition willing to give him the glory he deserves.

Fear & Faith

God wants to show everyone the wonders that he is producing through you but he cannot if you don’t believe. Whatever you believe God has tasked you to do you must know that he’s given you everything to do it. Why aren’t you trying, in fact what is keeping you afraid? When you tend to not try something it’s because fear is whispering doubts to you. Are you afraid of your spouse, friends or just your own possibility of failure?

Faith is the hardest thing to truly commit to. Why does he tell you to have faith as big as a mustard seed?  It gives an idea of how small your faith must be at this point. To grow your faith you have to study. Study is important because you can’t reach your highest level with your current thinking. You have plateaued which means you can’t go any hire unless you have the keys to. The only way to get the keys is to find someone who can teach you.

How To Tackle Problems

Research individuals who dealt with problems and used faith to conquer them. How did they keep from being depressed by believing in the teachings of the spirit? Abandon the thought that you are the only one with problems. Everyone has problems, it’s how you decide to handle them which will change your trajectory. In the meantime – stop complaining about problems all of the time! Use this time to talk to your spirit regarding your problems. Ask specific questions on how you should address certain issues.

If you don’t have a study bible get one. Study bibles are easy to read, they are in plain English. To start out decide you will read small pieces each week. Try to understand the meaning of what you read, it’s not about hurrying to complete it. If you don’t understand it read it again and again until you get it. Your bible will help you relate current problems with representations in the bible. You will grow beyond having basic experiences with things in the bible to a deeper understanding of how it relates to you.

God Wants You Happy

At this instant God wants you to be successful. He doesn’t want you worrying about every single thing and dreading life. There is no Glory in it for him if you do not succeed in life. He wants you to be able to spread all of the great things that you have accomplished with his help. The only way to do that is if he has a positive favor on your life. To get that favor you must continue to walk with him everyday. To achieve this closeness you must talk to him every day.

Keep an open mind and quickly realize if you continue to do what you did yesterday the results will be the same. You have to change something to get a different result.